Timber Product Maintenance

All timber, (irrespective of species, durability classification, or whether it is preservative treated or not) will undergo changes when exposed to the sun and rain. It will lose its natural colour and fade to a silver/grey, its surface will become rough, and splits and cracks could develop.

Weathering primarily affects the appearance of timber, however in the long term could affect durability and performance. Varying degrees of protection from weathering may be provided by the application of coatings such as paints, water repellents, water repellent preservatives and pigmented penetrating stains. 

Our range of Performance products includes end-seal products and anti-checking solutions through to heavy duty paint-on oil preservatives, and provide tradespeople and manufacturers with the opportunity to correctly install and maintain their treated timber project.

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Outdoor project protected from weathering using our maintenance products

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Performance Products

Our range of performance products includes additional insecticides and preservative products through to anti-checking solutions that are available for both solid and engineered wood products.  

Consumer Timber Care Products

There are a number of products suitable for engineered wood products ranging from veneer treatments through to end product protection from weathering available within the Specialty Products family.

Our timber care products provide consumers with the ability to correctly install and maintain their treated timber project. 

Tanalith treated structural retaining wall along beachfront