Agricultural, Infrastructure and Utility Wood Products

Much of our agricultural, infrastructure and utilities use treated wood products in providing essential services such as power and telecommunication lines, transport, for earth retaining and stabilisation, in foundations and piling supports and of course for a multitude of uses in our rural and agricultural industries. We offer a comprehensive range of proven preservatives applied using high pressure to provide long term protection against insect attack and fungal decay in critical end use applications.

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Make sure all timber is treated to the correct hazard level for your application. The most common situations are:

• H3 for above ground, such as fencing rails 

• H4 for ground contact such as fence posts

• H5 for structural application in ground contact such as house poles, engineered retaining walls, utility poles or timber that will be in permanent fresh water contact 

• H6 for timber that is in a high risk application or in-contact with the marine environment

Essential for applications where maximum durability and engineering safety are required.