Outdoor Construction Timber and Wood Products

Pressure treated timber provides long term protection against fungal and insect attack, including termites, for both in and out of ground contact, interior and exterior applications when treated to the correct end use specification.

The most common end use applications for outdoor construction timber and wood products are:

• H3 for above ground, such as decking or pergolas

• H4 for ground contact such as landscaping and fence posts 

Follow the links below to learn more about the product families we offer to meet the evolving needs of the specifiers and consumer trends in outdoor construction timber and wood products.

Our range of permanent wood protection products provide outdoor construction timber and wood product protection against decay, insects and weathering for outdoor applications such as decks, pergolas, gazebos, fencing landscaping and other amenities that enhance outdoor living.

You will never regret the small additional cost of using Tanalised Treated Timber products  when you can appreciate the long term benefits of having durable outdoor timber structures.