Framing and Interior Construction Timber Products

Wood is one of the most versatile construction materials and has many benefits over alternatives with regard to net environmental impact, cost effectiveness and ease of use. It is the only significant building material whose production and use can result in a net positive carbon storage balance as the wood fibre is created by photosynthesis where growing trees absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide.

In many applications timber and wood products require protection from natural biological agents such as mould, decay fungi, termites and other insects. Follow the links below to learn more about the product families we offer to protect framing and interior construction timbers.

CLT construction at Barangaroo close up

Timber products treated with Tanalith®, Vacsol® or Permatek® Timber Insecticides to H2 or a higher level are deemed to be termite resistant building materials according to the Building Code of Australia and AS3660.1.

Glueline treated LVL framing close up

The most effective way to ensure that your timber and wood products are adequately protected against insect attack for the long term is through the use of an industrial applied insecticide directly to the wood fibre.